Eldon Friends provides a comprehensive service of home care which, in comparison to the quality of other care providers I have experienced, is very much better. I enjoy and look forward to their visits, because the many things they do make life seem easier. Elaine visits me 3 days a week. She cooks me breakfast (excellent!), helps with the laundry, housework ,shopping, medication and many aspects of personal care. On her first visit, she quickly understood me, my house, needs, routines and preferences , and soon established a modus operandi which suits me perfectly. She is cheerful, practical and resourceful, and works quickly and willingly through a variety of tasks with many kind offers and plenty of thoughtful extra touches. As I recently had a stroke and live alone with limited ability, assistance of this kind is invaluable and, as I soon found, much to be preferred to rival companies.

Warmly recommended.

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